William Clowes

Born: 1779
Died: 1847
Printer, in London. From 1839 traded as William Clowes and Sons.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 4
Archives: 0
Christie, James, the younger   An Inquiry Into The Early History Of Greek Sculpture. - By James Christie, Member Of The Society Of Dilettanti. - - London: [1832]   
Memoir Of The Late Andrew Geddes, Esq., A.R.A.   - London: 1844.   
Crawford and Balcarres, Alexander William Crawford Lindsay, earl of   Sketches Of The History Of Christian Art. By Lord Lindsay. Volume I. (-III.) - London: 1847.   
Shee, Martin Archer, P.R.A.   Address To The Students Of The Royal Academy, Delivered Before The General Assembly, On The Distribution Of The Gold Medals, 10th December, 1831. (1833, 1835, 1837, 1839, 1841, 1845.) By Sir Martin Archer Shee, Knt. President. - London: [1832(-1847)]