George O'Brien Wyndham, 3rd Earl of Egremont

Born: 1751
Died: 1837
Landowner, agrarian reformer; commissioner of works of art; collector.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 3
Archives: 19
Phillips, Thomas, R.A.   Lectures On The History And Principles Of Painting. By Thomas Phillips, Esq. R.A. F.R.S. & F.S.A. Late Professor Of Painting In The Royal Academy. - [Epigraph] - - London: 1833.   
Catalogue Of Pictures In Petworth House, Sussex.   - London. [1856]   
Daniell, Thomas, R.A., draughtsman, engraver, publisher   Oriental Scenery. Twenty Four Views In Hindoostan Drawn And Engraved By Thomas Daniell, And With Permission Respectfully Dedicated To The Honourable Court Of Directors Of The East India Company. - London March 1. 1795 (- May 1807.)   
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