Charles F. Cheffins

Born: fl. ca. 1835 - 1851?
Lithographic printer, in London.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 0
Divers Works Of Early Masters In Christian Decoration: With An Introduction Containing The Biography, Journal Of Travel, Contemporaneous Association In Art, And A Critical Account Of The Works Of Albert Durer; Notices Of His Master Wohlgemuth And His Friend Pirckheymer; Adam Krafft, And His Sacrament-House At Nuremburg. With Examples Of Ancient Painted and Stained Glass, From York, West Wickham, Kent, And St. George's Chapel, Windsor; The Ancient Church And Sacrament-House At Limbourg; The Works Of Dirk And Wouter Crabeth, &c.: Also A Succint Account, With Illustrations, Of Painted And Stained Glass At Gouda, In Holland, And The Church Of St. Jacques At Liége. - In Two Volumes. Vol. I. (II.) - Edited By John Weale.   - London: [1846]   
Mackenzie, Frederick   The Architectural Antiquities Of The Collegiate Chapel of St. Stephen, Westminster, The Late House Of Commons: Drawn From Actual Survey And Admeasurements Made By Direction Of The Commissioners Of Her Majesty's Woods And Works, &c. Accompanied By Observations On The Original And Perfect State Of The Building, And A Description Of The Plates. By Frederick Mackenzie. - London: [1844]