William Augustus Fawkener

Born: -
Died: 1811
Diplomat, Clerk of the Privy Council
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 7
HU/8/115    [draft] Ozias Humphry, to William Fawkener    [c.1806]    Item   
HU/8/74    W. Fawkener, Council Office, to Ozias Humphry, Knightsbridge    17 Jul 1798    Item   
HU/8/10    Memorandum, by Ozias Humphry    [c.1790]    Item   
HU/3/81    Mr. Fawkener, South Street, to Ozias Humphry    Jan 1785    Item   
HU/2/26    Draft letters by Ozias Humphry, one of which is to Mrs. Bouverie    [1775]    Item   
HU/2/23    [draft] [Ozias Humphry], to [unknown]    [c.1774]    Item   
HU/1/140    [draft] [Ozias Humphry], to the [Duke of Dorset]    [c.1774]    Item