Miss Maria Denman

Died: 1861
Sister-in-law of sculptor John Flaxman (1755-1826).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 4
Archives: 0
Flaxman, John, R.A.   Lectures On Sculpture, As Delivered Before The President And Members Of The Royal Academy. By John Flaxman, Esq. R.A. Professor Of Sculpture In The Royal Academy Of Great Britain, Member Of The Academies Of St. Luke, Rome, Florence, Carrara, &c. Second Edition. To Which Are Now First Added, An Introductory Lecture, And Two Addresses To The Royal Academy, On The Death Of Thomas Banks, In 1805, And Of Antonio Canova, In 1822, And An Address On The Death Of Flaxman, By Sir Richard Westmacott, R.A. - With Fifty-Two Plates. - - London: [1838]   
Hayley, William   The Life Of George Romney, Esq. - [Epigraphs] - By William Hayley, Esq. - - London. - 1809.   
Under The Patronage Of His Majesty, Compositions Of The "Acts Of Mercy", Drawn By The Late John Flaxman Esqre. R.A.P.S. 1 Instruct The Ignorant. 2 Feed The Hungry. 3 Clothe The Naked. 4 Visit The Sick. 5 Comfort The Afflicted. 6 Go To The House Of Mourning. 7 Comfort The Fatherless & Widow. 8 Deliver The Captive. Engraved by F.C. Lewis, Engraver of Drawings, to the King.   - London Published Jany. 1st. 1831   
Compositions From The Tragedies of Aeschylus, Designed By Iohn Flaxman, Engraved By Thomas Piroli, And Frank Howard.   - London Publish'd April 15th. 1831