John Clayton

Born: 1819 or 1820
Died: 1861
Writer on architecture. In 1838 a student at the Royal Academy Schools, London; in 1842 Associate of the Institute of British Architects (Fellow in 1857); ca. 1856 returned to Hereford. He is referred to as Joseph Clayton by Graves.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 0
The Works Of Sir Christopher Wren. The Dimensions, Plans, Elevations, And Sections Of The Parochial Churches Of Sir Christopher Wren. Erected In The Cities Of London, & Westminster. By John Clayton, Architect. Life Student of the Royal Academy, & Assciate of the Royal Institute of British Architects.   - London. 1848 & 1849.   
Clayton, John   A Collection Of The Ancient Timber Edifices Of England. By Iohn Clayton, Architect. - London 1846.