Francis Bedford

Born: 1816
Died: 1894
Lithographer, in London; from ca. 1853 photographer in London and elsewhere in Britain, Germany and the Mediterranean region. Son of Francis Octavius Bedford, architect.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 5
Archives: 0
Jones, Owen   The grammar of ornament ; illustrated by examples from various styles of ornament. One hundred and twelve plates. by Owen Jones - London [1865]   
The Industrial Arts Of The Nineteenth Century. A Series Of Illustrations Of The Choicest Specimens Produced By Every Nation At The Great Exhibition Of Works Of Industry, 1851. Dedicated, By Permission, To His Royal Highness The Prince Albert, By M. Digby Wyatt, Architect. -   - London: [1851(-1853)]   
Divers Works Of Early Masters In Christian Decoration: With An Introduction Containing The Biography, Journal Of Travel, Contemporaneous Association In Art, And A Critical Account Of The Works Of Albert Durer; Notices Of His Master Wohlgemuth And His Friend Pirckheymer; Adam Krafft, And His Sacrament-House At Nuremburg. With Examples Of Ancient Painted and Stained Glass, From York, West Wickham, Kent, And St. George's Chapel, Windsor; The Ancient Church And Sacrament-House At Limbourg; The Works Of Dirk And Wouter Crabeth, &c.: Also A Succint Account, With Illustrations, Of Painted And Stained Glass At Gouda, In Holland, And The Church Of St. Jacques At Liége. - In Two Volumes. Vol. I. (II.) - Edited By John Weale.   - London: [1846]   
Richardson, Charles James   Studies Of Ornamental Design. By C.J. Richardson, M.R.I.B.A., F.S.A. One of the Evening Masters of the Head Government School Of Design, Somerset House. Author of "Studies Of Old English Mansions, Gold And Silver Plate, Furniture, &c." "Architectural Remains of the Reigns of Elizabeth and James I." "&c." - London. 1851.   
Wickes, Charles   Illustrations Of The Spires And Towers Of The Mediaeval Churches of England; Preceded By Some Observations On The Architecture Of The Middle Ages, And Its Spire-Growth. By Charles Wickes, Architect. [Epigraph.] In Two Volumes. - Vol. I. Spires. (II. Towers.) (Supplemental Volume.) - London: [1853 / 1854 - 1858 / 1859]