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Lübke, Wilhelm   History Of Sculpture, From The Earliest Ages To The Present Time. By Dr. Wilhelm Lübke, Professor Of Art-History At The Poytechnicum At Stuttgart. Translated By F.E. Bunnètt. With Numerous Illustrations. In Two Volumes. Vol. I. (II.) - London: 1872.   
Heaton, Mary Margaret   The History Of The Life Of Albrecht Dürer Of Nürnberg. With A Translation Of His Letters And Journal, And Some Account Of His Works. By Mrs. Charles Heaton. - London: 1870. [The Right of Translation and Reproduction is reserved.]   
A Critical Account Of The Drawings By Michel Angelo And Raffaello In The University Galleries, Oxford By J.C. Robinson, F.S.A. Honorary Member of the Academies of the Fine Arts of St. Luke in Rome, Florence, Bologna, and Lisbon; Formerly Superintendent of the Art Collections and Art Referee of the South Kensington Museum. By Authority Of The Curators Of The University Galleries   - Oxford [1870]