Katharine M. Bruce

Born: fl. 1864
Wife to the governor of the Prince of Wales
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 8
GI/1/42/2    Mrs Bruce, Saint James Palace, to Odo Russell, Rome    25 Jan 1866    Item   
GI/1/42/1    Katharine M. Bruce, Abergeldie, to [John] Gibson    22 Sep [c.1864]    Item   
GI/1/41    K M Bruce, Windsor Castle, to [Johm] Gibson    18 Jun [1864]    Item   
GI/1/40    John Gibson, Rome [to K. M. Bruce]    11 Jun 1864    Item   
GI/1/39    K. M Bruce, Balmoral, to [John] Gibson    06 Jun [1864]    Item   
GI/1/38    John Gibson, Rome [to K. M. Bruce]    23 May 1864    Item   
GI/1/37    [John Gibson], Rome [to K. M. Bruce]    06 May 1864    Item   
GI/1/36    K M Bruce, Osborne, Isle of Wight, to [John] Gibson    29 Apr [1864]    Item