James Brockman

Born: 1946
Book-binder, at Oxford. Father and partner of book-binder Stuart Brockman (1972- ).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 7
Archives: 0
Ceán Bermúdez, Juan Agustín   Diccionario Historico De Los Mas Illustres Profesores De Las Bellas Artes En España. Compuesto Por D. Juan Agustin Cean Bermudez Y Publicado Por La Real Academia De S. Fernando. - Madrid. Año De 1800.   
Marchant, Nathaniel, R.A.   A Catalogue Of One Hundred Impressions From Gems, Engraved By Nathaniel Marchant. - [Epigraph] - London: 1792.   
Antichi Monumenti Per Servire All'Opera Intitolata L'Italia Avanti Il Dominio Dei Romani.   - Firenze [1821]   
A Complete History Of England: With The Lives Of All The Kings and Queens Thereof; From the Earliest Account of Time, to the Death of His Late Majesty King William III. Containing A Faithful Relation of all Affairs of State Ecclesiastical and Civil. The Whole Illustrated with Large and Useful Notes, taken from divers Manuscripts, and other good Authors: and the Effigies of the Kings and Queens from the Originals, Engraven by the best Masters. In Three Volumes, with Alphabetical Indexes to each. Vol. I. I. Beginning with the History of Britain to William the Conqueror. By Mr. John Milton. II. From the Conquest to the End of King Edward III. By Samuel Daniel, Esq; III. The Reigns of King Richard II. King Hemnry IV, V, and VI. All new Writ in Mr. Daniel's Method. IV. The Reign of King Edward IV. By John Habington, Esq; V. The Lives of King Edward V, and Richard III. By Sir Thomas Moore. Translated from the Latin Original. VI. The Life of King Richard III By George Buck, Esq; VII. The Life of King Henry VII. By Francis Lord Bacon.   - London: 1706.   
Prodromus Seu Præambulare Lumen Reserati Portentosæ Magnificentiæ Theatri Quo Omnia Ad Aulam Cæsaream In Augustissimæ Suæ Cæsareæ, & Regiæ Catholicæ Majestatis nostri gloriosissimè Regnantis Monarchæ Caroli VI. Metropoli, Et Residentia Viennæ Recondita Artificiorum, Et Pretiositatum Decora Præcipuè copiosissima, quæ ibidem asservantur, tabularum, picturarum, Statuarum, Imaginum, aliorumque ab Artificum Principibus elaboratorum operum Miracula Fideliter, & absque defectu æri sunt incisa, & annexa brevi Introductione Mæcenatum utilitati, & voluptati Edita A Francisco de Stampart, Et Antonio De Brenner Cæsareæ Cameræ Pictoribus.   - Viennæ Austriæ [1735]   
Pensieri Diversi Lineati Et Intagliati D'Anibale Caracci.   - [S.l.:] [ca. 1776?]   
Gwynn, John, R.A.   London and Westminster Improved, Illustrated by Plans. To which is prefixed, A Discourse on Publick Magnificence; With Observations on the State of Arts and Artists in this Kingdom, wherein the study of the Polite Arts is recommended as necessary to a liberal Education: Concluded by Some Proposals relative to Places not laid down in the Plans. By John Gwynn. - London: [1766]