Etienne-Maurice Falconet

Born: 1716
Died: 1791
Sculptor, and writer on sculpture and the arts. Active in Paris, and in St Petersburg (1766-78). Father of draughtsman and engraver Pierre Etienne Falconet (1741-91).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 0
Leslie, Charles Robert, R.A.   Life And Times Of Sir Joshua Reynolds: With Notices Of Some Of His Cotemporaries. Commenced By Charles Robert Leslie, R.A. Continued And Concluded By Tom Taylor, M.A. In Two Volumes. - Vol. I. (II.) With Portraits And Illustrations. - London: 1865. The right of Translation is reserved.   
Falconet, Etienne-Maurice   Œuvres D'Étienne Falconet, Statuaire; Contenant Plusieurs Écrits Relatifs Aux Beaux-Arts, Dont quelqus-uns ont déja paru, mais fautifs; d'autres sont nouveaux. - A Lausanne [1781]