Theodore Henry Adolphus Fielding

Born: 1781
Died: 1851
Watercolorist, engraver, writer on painting and engraving, teacher, in Britain. Son of painter Nathan Theodore Fielding (1746/7-1819); brother of painters A. V. Copley Fielding (1787-1855), Thales A. V. Fielding (1793-1837), Felix F. F. R. Fielding (ca.1784-1853) and Newton S. L. Fielding (1799-1856).
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Fielding, Theodore Henry Adolphus   The Art Of Engraving, With The Various Modes Of Operation, Under The Following Different Divisions: Etching. Soft-Ground Etching. Line Engraving. Chalk And Stipple. Aquatint. Mezzotint. Lithography. Wood Engraving. Medallic Engraving. Electrography. And Photography. Illustrated with Specimens of the different Styles of Engraving. By T.H. Fielding, Author Of "A Synopsis Of Perspective;" "The Practice Of Painting In Oil And Water Colours;" "Theory Of Painting," &c. &c. And Teacher of Painting in Water Colours to the Senior Classes at the Hon. East India Company's Military College, Addiscombe. - - London: 1841.