Frederick William Fairholt

Born: 1814
Died: 1866
Draughtsman, painter, wood-engraver; writer on archaeology, history of art and costume, in London. Son of a Prussian named Fahrholz.
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Books: 1
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Fairholt, Frederick William   Costume In England. A History Of Dress From The Earliest Period Until The Close Of The Eighteenth Century. To Which Is Appended An Illustrated Glossary of Terms For All Articles Of Use Or Ornament Worn About The Person. By F.W. Fairholt, F.S.A., Honorary Member Of The Societies Of Antiquaries Of Normandy, Picardy, And Poitiers; And Corresponding Member Of The Society Of Antiquaries Of Scotland. Illustrated With Nearly Seven Hundred Engravings Drawn On Wood By The Author. - Second Edition. - - London: 1860.