Eleanor Coade

Born: 1733
Died: 1821
Manufacturer of artificial stone, in London, from 1769. From 1799 to 1813 was in partnership with John Sealy. She remained unmarried but used the courtesy business-title of 'Mrs.'
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 0
A Descriptive Catalogue Of Coade's Artificial Stone Manufactory, At King's Arms Stairs, Narrow-Wall, Lambeth: Opposite White-hall Stairs. With Prices Affixed. Consisting Of, I. Statues. II. Busts. III. Vases. IV. Pedestals. V. Capitals. VI. Frizes. VII. fascias. VIII. panels and Tablets. IX. Medallions. X. Pateras for Elevations from 30 to 40 Feet. XI. Ditto from 20 to 30 Feet. XII. Pateras for Elevations from 10 to 20 Feet. XIII. Ditto of 10 Feet and under. XIV. Coats of Arms. XV. Imposts. XVI. Key-Stones. XVII. Architraves. XVIII. Rustics. XIX. Pinnacles. XX. Balusters. XXI. Balls and Feet. XXII. Chimney Tops. XXIII. Piers. XXIV. Consoles. XXV. Sepulchral Ornaments. XXVI. Chimney-Pieces. XXVII. Pieces of Furniture and various ornaments. XXVIII. Ornaments to fix on Stone or Wood. XXIX. Wood Chimney-Pieces with Stone Ornaments. With an Appendix. -   - London, Printed: [1784]   
Coade's Lithodipyra or Artificial-Stone Manufactory For all kinds of Statues, Capitals, Vases, Tombs, Coats of Arms, & Architectural ornaments &c. &c. particularly expressed in Catalogues, & Books of Prints of 800 Articles & upwards;   - London. (after 1784?)