Jean Dubreuil

Born: 22 July 1602
Died: 27 April 1670
French writer, essayist and mathematician.
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Dubreuil, Jean   The practice of perspective; or, an easy method of representing natural objects according to the rules of art : Applied and exemplified in all the variety of cases; as landskapes, gardens, buildings of divers kinds, their appendages, parts, and furniture. With rules for the proportion of figures, both in draught and relievo. Also the manner of conducting the shadows, produced either by natural or artificial luminaries; and practical methods of drawing after nature, when the process of rules are not understood. A work highly necessary for painters, engravers, architects, embroiderers, statuaries, jewellers, tapestry-workers, and others concerned in designing. The whole illustrated with one hundred and fifty copper-plates Written in French by a Jesuit of Paris; translated by E. Chambers - London [1781]