James Fitton, R.A.

Preferred Media: Painting
Born: 11 February 1899 in Oldham, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Died: 02 May 1982
Nationality: British
Category of Membership: Painter
Elected A.R.A: 29 Feb 1944
Elected R.A: 09 Jan 1954
Elected Senior R.A: 31 Dec 1974
Works of Art: 1
Books: 0
Archives: 5
Works by

Indoor Garden   
Indoor Garden
James Fitton

RAA/SEC/11/74/1    Norman Reid, Beckenham, to Sir Hugh Casson    28 Mar 1981    Item   
RAA/EXH/2/29    Bryan Kneale suggestions for exhibitions of work by William Scott, Kyffin Williams, James Fitton, Philip Sutton and Michael Sandle    1983-85    Sub-series   
TOD/3/12/13    James Fitton, 10 Pond Cottages, College Rd, Dulwich Village S.E.21., to Middleton Todd    10 Mar 1944    Item   
RAA/SEC/8/66/1    Note by Sidney C. Hutchison for Sir Gerald Kelly    15 Jul 1953    Item   
MUN/1    A.J. Munnings, Withypool, near Minehead, Somerset, to Laura    22 May 1942    Item