Sir Winston Churchill

Born: 30 November 1874 in Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Died: 24 January 1965
Nationality: British
Works of Art: 1
Books: 0
Archives: 13
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Bust of the Rt Hon....   
Bust of the Rt Hon....
David McFall

RAA/REG/3/5/2    Note of telephone conversation regarding form of words for Sir Winston Churchill's diploma    3 Mar 1949    Item   
RAA/REG/3/5/1    Form of preamble for Sir Winston Churchill's Diploma as Honorary Academician Extraordinary    [1948]    Item   
RAA/CLB/6/5    Honorary Secretary correspondence    1927-1956    File   
RAA/SEC/25/5/4    Transcripts of annual dinner speeches    1953    File   
RAA/SEC/25/5/3    Transcripts of annual dinner speeches    1951    File   
RAA/SEC/25/5/2    Report on the toast of "The Royal Academy of Arts" by Winston Churchill at the annual dinner    30 Apr 1932    File   
RAA/SEC/14/23/25    Tryon, Privy Purse Office, Buckingham Palace, to Humphrey Brooke    26 Mar 1959    Item   
RAA/SEC/6/10    Correspondence from Winston Churchill    1941-1963    Sub-series   
RAA/SEC/1/120    Letter from H. Matthews, 187 Balham High Road [to the Secretary]    19 Jan 1948    Item   
RAA/SEC/4/74/30    Paper by Augustus John    [1959]    Item   
PC/1/14    Philip Connard, British Expeditionary Force, France, to Mary Connard    26 Jun 1916    Item   
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RAA/GA/1/11    General Assembly minutes, vol. 11    05 Dec 1932 - 10 Dec 1963    Item