John Sell Cotman

Born: 1782
Died: 1842
Landscape and watercolor painter, and etcher; active in Norfolk, London and Wales; visited Normandy in 1817, 1818, 1820. Father of watercolorist Miles Edmund Cotman (1810-58) and artist John Joseph Cotman (1814-78).
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The East End of Burham...   
The East End of Burham...
ca. 1812 - 1818
John Sell Cotman

Finberg, A. J., (Alexander Joseph)   The English water colour painters - London ; New York [1906]   
Views In London And Its Vicinity, Complete In Forty-Eight Plates, Engraved On Copper, By George Cooke, From Drawings By Callcott, R.A. Stanfield, A.R.A. Prout. Roberts. Stark. Harding. Cotman. Havell. &c. &c. After The Original Sketches Made On The Spot By Edward W. Cooke.   - London: (1834.)   
Engravings Of Sepulchral Brasses In Norfolk And Suffolk, Tending To Illustrate The Ecclesiastical, Military, And Civil Costume, As Well As To Preserve Memorials Of Ancient Families In That County. By John Sell Cotman, Esq. With An Introductory Essay By Dawson Turner, Esq. F.R.S. F.S.A. &c. Second Edition, With Additional Plates, And With Notes By Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick, Ll.D. F.S.A. &c. Albert Way, Esq. And Sir N. Harris Nicolas, K.C.M.G. - Vol. I. (II.) -   - London: [1839]   
Architectural Antiquities Of Normandy, By John Sell Cotman; Accompanied By Historical And Descriptive Notices By Dawson Turner, Esq. F.R. And A.S. Volume The First. (Second.)   - London:, Yarmouth. - [1822]   
AND/18/61    J. Stark, l'Hotel de l'Europe, to [John Sell] Cotman, l'Hotel de Normandie, rue de l'Escuriale, Rouen    [c.1818]    Item   
AND/15/48    John S. Cotman, Norwich, to [Dawson Turner?]    25 Jan 1812    Item   
JU/8/99    J. S. Cotman, Golden Cross, Charing Cross [to W. B. Cooke, Charlotte St, Bloomsbury]    15 Feb 1836    Item   
JU/5/115    R. Hills, Gallery of Watercolours, Pall Mall East [to J. S. Cotman]    24 Apr [1832]    Item