William Capon

Born: 1757
Died: 1827
Scene-painter, architectural draughtsman, and architect.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 1
Londina Illustrata. Graphic And Historic Memorials Of Monasteries, Churches, Chapels, Schools, Charitable Foundations, Palaces, Halls, Courts, Processions, Places Of Early Amusement And Modern & Present Theatres, In the Cities and Suburbs of London & Westminster.   - London Published 1st. Jany 1819   
Society of Antiquaries of London   Vetusta Monumenta: Quae Ad Rerum Britannicarum Memoriam Conservandam Societas Antiquariorum Londini Sumptu Suo Edenda Curavit. Volumen Primum. (-Sextum.) - Londini: [1747(-1906)]   
AND/16/63    A note stating that Mr. Capon called on Mr. Millington    7 Nov 1818    Item