Edward Francis Burney

Born: 1760
Died: 1848
Painter, illustrator, and print-maker. Studied in London, at the Royal Academy schools; active in London.
Works of Art: 3
Books: 4
Archives: 3
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The Antique School at Old...   
The Antique School at Old...
Edward Francis Burney

The Antique School at New...   
The Antique School at New...
ca. 1780
Edward Francis Burney
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Dragonetti concert ticket   
Dragonetti concert ticket
Francesco Bartolozzi

Londina Illustrata. Graphic And Historic Memorials Of Monasteries, Churches, Chapels, Schools, Charitable Foundations, Palaces, Halls, Courts, Processions, Places Of Early Amusement And Modern & Present Theatres, In the Cities and Suburbs of London & Westminster.   - London Published 1st. Jany 1819   
Society of Dilettanti (London)   Specimens Of Antient Sculpture, Ægyptian, Etruscan, Greek, And Roman: Selected From Different Collections In Great Britain By The Society Of Dilettanti. Vol. I. (II.) - London: 1809. (-1835.)   
Il Mercurio Italico: O Sia Ragguaglio Generale intorno alla Letteratura, Belle Arti, Utili Scoperte, ec. di tutta l'Italia. The Italian Mercury: Or, A General Account concerning the Literature, Fine Arts, Useful Discoveries, &c. of all Italy.   - Londra: [1789-1790]   
Bentley, Richard   Richardi Bentleii Et Doctorum Virorum Epistolæ, Partim Mutuæ. Accedit Richardi Dawesii Ad Joannem Taylorum Epistola Singularis. - Londini [1807]   
AND/8/218    Anderdon's biographical notes on Edward Francis Burney    [c.1870]    Item   
GRE/8    Printed handbill for Loutherbourg's Eidophusikon    [1782]    Item   
RAA/PC/1/37    Council minutes    05 Jan 1960 - 06 Dec 1960    Item