Thomas Bewick

Born: 1753
Died: 1828
Wood-engraver; illustrator. Brother of John Bewick; father of Jane, Isabella and Robert Elliot Bewick.
Works of Art: 1
Books: 7
Archives: 3
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Portrait of Thomas Bewick   
Portrait of Thomas Bewick

Goldsmith, Oliver   The poetical works of Oliver Goldsmith, M. B. Complete in one volume. With the life of the author. / Embellished with vignettes & tail-pieces, designed, and engraved on wood, by T. Bewick. - Hereford 1795   
Bewick, Thomas   A Memoir Of Thomas Bewick, Written By Himself. Embellished By Numerous Wood Engravings, Designed And Engraved By The Author For A Work On British Fishes, And Never Before Published. - Newcastle-on-Tyne:, London: 1862. [The Right of Translation is Reserved.]   
Fabliaux Or Tales, Abridged From French Manuscripts Of The XIIth And XIIIth Centuries By M. Le Grand, Selected And Translated Into English Verse, By The Late G.L. Way, Esq. With A Preface, Notes, and Appendix, By The Late G. Ellis, Esq. A New Edition, Corrected. In Three Volumes. Vol. I. (- III.) -   - London: 1815.   
Select Fables; With Cuts, Designed And Engraved By Thomas And John Bewick, And Others, Previous To The Year 1784: Together With A Memoir; and a descriptive Catalogue Of The Works Of Messrs. Bewick.   - Newcastle: [1820]   
The Fables Of Æsop, And Others, With Designs On Wood, By Thomas Bewick.   - Newcastle: 1818.   
History Of British Birds. - The Figures Engraved On Wood By T. Bewick. - Vol. I. Containing The History And Description Of Land Birds. (Vol. II. Containing The History And Description Of Water Birds.) -   - Newcastle: 1797. (-1804.)   
A General History Of Quadrupeds. The Figures Engraved On Wood By T. Bewick.   - Newcastle Upon Tyne: 1790.   
AND/17/109    Anderdon's biographical notes on Thomas Bewick    [c.1870]    Item   
JU/10/217    L Clennell, 33 Penton Place, London [to Thomas Ranson], Artist, at Mr Lamberts Engraver, Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland    21 Jul 1816    Item   
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