Thomas Shotter Boys

Born: 1803
Died: 1874
Topographic water-colorist, print-maker; based in London, but travelled widely in continental Europe.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 3
Archives: 0
Picturesque Sketches In Spain Taken During the Years 1832 & 1833 By David Roberts   - London [1852 or later?]   
Sketches On The Moselle, The Rhine, & The Meuse, By Clarkson Stanfield, Esqre. R.A.   - London. [1838]   
Ruskin, John   Examples Of The Architecture Of Venice Selected and drawn to Measurement from the Edifices. By John Ruskin, Author Of "The Stones Of Venice," "The Seven Lamps Of Architecture," "Modern Painters," Etc. - Orpington, Kent. [1887]