Albert, Prince, Consort of Victoria, Queen of Great Britain

Born: 1819
Died: 1861
Commissioner of works of art; collector.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 13
Archives: 46
"Lo Scaffale;" Or, Presses In The Sacristy Of The Church Of Sta. Maria Delle Grazie At Milan. Illustrations Of The Painted Decoration By Bernardino Luini. Executed In Chromo-Lithography Under The Direction Of L. Gruner, K.A., Author of "Fresco Decorations in Italy," "Specimens of Ornamental Art," "Her Majesty's Pavilion in Buckingham Gardens," "The Bas-reliefs of the Cathedral of Orvieto," and other similar works.   - London: 1859-60.   
Sketches Belgium And Germany Louis Haghe   - London. [1840]   
The Industrial Arts Of The Nineteenth Century. A Series Of Illustrations Of The Choicest Specimens Produced By Every Nation At The Great Exhibition Of Works Of Industry, 1851. Dedicated, By Permission, To His Royal Highness The Prince Albert, By M. Digby Wyatt, Architect. -   - London: [1851(-1853)]   
Richardson, Charles James   Studies Of Ornamental Design. By C.J. Richardson, M.R.I.B.A., F.S.A. One of the Evening Masters of the Head Government School Of Design, Somerset House. Author of "Studies Of Old English Mansions, Gold And Silver Plate, Furniture, &c." "Architectural Remains of the Reigns of Elizabeth and James I." "&c." - London. 1851.   
The Mansions Of England In The Olden Time By Joseph Nash   - A.D. 1839 (- 1849)   
Windsor Castle   The Works Of Raphael Santi Da Urbino As Represented In The Raphael Collection In The Royal Library At Windsor Castle, Formed By H.R.H. The Prince Consort, 1853-1861 And Completed By Her Majesty Queen Victoria. - [S.l.: [1876]   
Waagen, Gustav Friedrich   Descriptive Catalogue Of A Collection Of Byzantine, Early Italian, German, And Flemish Pictures, Belonging To His Royal Highness Prince Albert, K.G., Etc., Etc., Etc. By Dr. G.F. Waagen. - London 1854.   
Pye, John, the younger   Patronage Of British Art, An Historical Sketch: Comprising An Account Of The Rise And Progress Of Art And Artists In London, From The Beginning Of The Reign Of George The Second; Together With A History Of The Society For The Management And Distribution Of The Artists' Fund, From Its Establishment In 1810, To Its Incorporation In 1827. Illustrated With Notes, Historical, Biographical, And Explanatory. By John Pye, Landscape-Engraver, Honorary Member Of The Imperial Academy Of Arts, St. Petersburgh. [Epigraph] - London: 1845.   
Waring, John Burley   Dedicated by permission to His Royal Highness the Prince Consort The Arts Connected with Architecture illustrated by examples in Central Italy from the 13th. to the 15th. Century by J.B. Waring - London. [1858]   
Architectural Illustrations Of Windsor Castle, By Michael Gandy And Benjamin Baud, Architects. With A Concise Historical And Architectural Account Of that Monarchical Edifice, By John Britton, F.S.A. Author Of The "Architectural And Cathedral Antiquities," "Dictionary Of Architecture Of The Middle Ages" Etc.   - London: [1842]   
Goldsmith, Oliver   The Deserted Village Of Oliver Goldsmith Illustrated By the Etching Club. - London [1841]   
Grüner, Ludwig   By Authority. Specimens Of Ornamental Art Selected From The Best Models Of The Clasical Epochs. Illustrated By Eighty Plates. By Lewis Gruner, Author Of Fresco Decorations And Stuccos Of Churches, Palaces, And Villas In Italy During The Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries; And Of Her Majesty's Pavilion In Buckingham Palace Gardens, Etc. Etc. With Descriptive Text By Emil Braun. - London: [1850]   
Grüner, Ludwig   Fresco Decorations And Stuccoes Of Churches & Palaces In Italy, During the Fifteenth & Sixteenth Centuries With Descriptions By Lewis Gruner, And A Comparison between the Ancient Arabesques & those of the Sixteenth Century By Mr. A. [i.e. J. I.] Hittorff, Architect. - London [1844]   
RI/2/50    J.C. Horsley, Kensington, to Richmond    22 Nov 1897    Item   
MAR/5    Studio visitors book    1852-1859    Series   
AND/26/266    Printed Royal Academy circular    28 Dec 1861    Item   
AND/26/136    [copy] E[dwin] L[andseer], Mar Lodge, Deeside, Jessy    9 Sep 1852    Item   
AND/23/119    George Hayter, 9 Stratford Place, to [F. Graves]    6 Aug 1840    Item   
GI/1/351    Richard Westmacott, London, 1 Kensington Gate, to John Gibson    06 Jan 1862    Item   
GI/1/348    Elizabeth Wellington, Apsley House, to [John] Gibson    29 Apr [c.1856]    Item   
GI/1/332    William Theed, 12 A. Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square, W, to [John] Gibson    29 Sep 1865    Item   
GI/1/328    William Theed, London, 12 A Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square to [John] Gibson    09 Nov 1863    Item   
GI/1/327    William Theed, 12 A. Henrietta St, Cavendish Sq. to Carissimo Signor Cavaliere [John Gibson]    05 Jun 1856    Item   
GI/1/308    [John Gibson] to [Marianne] Skerritt    20 Feb 1862    Item   
GI/1/278    Draft correspondence from John Gibson to C. B. Phipps relating to the memorial to the Prince Consort    [1864]    Item   
GI/1/277    C B Phipps, Windsor Castle, to [John] Gibson    14 Apr 1864    Item   
GI/1/274    C B Phipps, Windsor Castle, to [John] Gibson    07 Nov 1860    Item   
GI/1/273    C B Phipps, Osborne, to [John] Gibson    27 Aug 1859    Item   
GI/1/191    [John Gibson, to Harriet Hosmer]    [1864]    Item   
GI/1/156    John Gibson, Rome, to Lieut Gen., The Hon. C. Grey    20 May 1864    Item   
GI/1/155    Doyne C. Bell, Secretary, Buckingham Palace, to John Gibson    13 May 1864    Item   
GI/1/154    C Grey, Buckingham Palace [to John Gibson]    02 May 1864    Item   
GI/1/118    Maria Farquhar, to [John] Gibson    c. 1855    Item   
GI/1/42/1    Katharine M. Bruce, Abergeldie, to [John] Gibson    22 Sep [c.1864]    Item   
GI/1/41    K M Bruce, Windsor Castle, to [Johm] Gibson    18 Jun [1864]    Item   
GI/1/40    John Gibson, Rome [to K. M. Bruce]    11 Jun 1864    Item   
GI/1/39    K. M Bruce, Balmoral, to [John] Gibson    06 Jun [1864]    Item   
GI/1/38    John Gibson, Rome [to K. M. Bruce]    23 May 1864    Item   
GI/1/37    [John Gibson], Rome [to K. M. Bruce]    06 May 1864    Item   
GI/1/36    K M Bruce, Osborne, Isle of Wight, to [John] Gibson    29 Apr [1864]    Item   
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GI/1/7    John Gibson, Rome, to G. E. Anson    24 Mar 1845    Item   
GI/1/6    John Gibson, Rome, to G. E. Anson    22 Jan 1845    Item   
GI/1/5    G. E. Anson, Windsor Castle, to [John] Gibson    23 Oct 1844    Item   
GI/1/1    [Prince] Albert, President of the Royal Commission, Windsor Castle, to J. Gibson    31 Oct 1851    Item   
GRI/3/325    The Duchess of Buccleuch, Bowhill, Selkirk, to George Richmond    17 Nov [18]62    Item   
GRI/3/310    George Richmond, to Revd. T.K. Richmond, Great Yarmouth    24 Dec [18]61    Item   
GRI/3/309    Sarah Richmond, 5 Onslow Terrace, to [George Richmond]    [21 Dec 1861]    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/135    Letter of condolence on the death of Prince Albert    27 Dec 1861    Sub-series   
RAA/SEC/2/134/8    G. E. Anson, Windsor Castle, to Sir Martin Archer Shee    21 Dec 1841    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/134/6    S. Johnson [?], Buckingham Palace, to Sir Martin Archer Shee    21 Jan 1841    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/134/2    Answer of the Duchess of Kent    14 Mar 1840    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/134/3    G. Couper, Ingestre House, to Sir Martin Archer Shee    08 Jul 1840    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/134/4    R. Grosvenor, Buckingham Palace, to Sir Martin Archer Shee    09 Jul 1840    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/134/1    Answer of Prince Albert    14 Mar 1840    Item   
GRI/2/15    Richard's Daily Remembrancer    1861    Item   
GRI/3/36    John James Ruskin, Herne Hill, to George Richmond    9 May 1842    Item   
236/46/9    W.P. Frith, 10 Pembridge Villas, Bayswater, to T. Miller    12 Apr 1863    Item   
RAA/PC/11/1    Papers relating to the admission of engravers to full membership    1852    File