Athenaeum Club

Instituted in 1823, "for the Association of individuals known for their literary or scientific attainments, artists of eminence in any class of the Fine Arts, and noblemen and gentlemen distinguished as liberal patrons of Science, Literature and the Arts."

The membership is limited to 1200. Founder members included Sir Thomas Lawrence and Sir Francis Chantrey.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 14
LAW/9/45    Thos. Lawrence, Russell Square, to Miss Croft, Revd. E. Ryder, Oaksey, near Cirencester    9 Oct 1829    Item   
LAW/5/125    Ths. Per. Courtenay, India Board, to Sir Thomas Lawrence    24 Apr 1827    Item   
GRI/3/631    MT, to George Richmond    [c.1884]    Item   
GRI/3/551    H.P. Liddon to [George Richmond    20 Jun [1880]    Item   
GRI/3/402    C.T. Cantuar, Lambeth Palace, to George Richmond    16 Mar 1868    Item   
GRI/3/196    C.L. Eastlake, 7 Fitzroy Square, to George Richmond    30 Jan 1852    Item   
GRI/2/12    Richard's Daily Remembrancer    1856    Item   
GAR/1/163    F.C. Lewis, 53 Charlotte St., Portland Place, to Anne Bloxam    20 May [1830]    Item   
GAR/1/157    F.C. Lewis, 53 Charlotte St., Portland Place, to Anne Bloxam    22 Apr 1830    Item   
GAR/1/107    Richard Rowe Bloxam to Matthew Bloxam    10 Jul 1830    Item   
236/10/13    E.M. Ward, 11 Upton Park Villas, to T. Miller    12 Mar 1855    Item   
236/9a/19    Augustus Egg, Ivy Cottage, to T. Miller    17 Aug 1851    Item   
GRI/2/19    Richard's Daily Remembrancer    1865    Item   
236/41/8    W.P. Frith, Park Village West, to T. Miller    2 Jun 1850    Item