George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen

Born: 28 Jan 1784
Died: 14 Dec 1860
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 29
LAW/5/504    Lord Aberdeen, Argyll House, to Mr. Keightley    21 Feb 1830    Item   
LAW/5/420    Aberdeen, Argyll House, to A. Keightley    9 Jan 1830    Item   
LAW/5/402    Aberdeen, Argyll House, to Lawrence    9 Dec 1829    Item   
LAW/5/374    Aberdeen, Argyll House, to [Thomas] Lawrence    9 Oct 1829    Item   
LAW/5/327    Aberdeen, Foreign Office, to Lawrence    29 Apr 1829    Item   
LAW/5/273    Aberdeen, F.O., to Lawrence    15 Oct 1828    Item   
LAW/5/260    Rob. Peel, Whitehall, to [Thomas Lawrence]    5 Aug [1829]    Item   
LAW/5/252    Aberdeen, Arg. House, Lawrence    9 Jul [1820's]    Item   
LAW/5/157    Aberdeen, Argyll House, to [Thomas] Lawrence    9 Jul 1827    Item   
LAW/5/102    List of names to select the formation of the National Gallery    [14 Jan 1827]    Item   
LAW/4/135    Aberdeen, Argyll House, to [Thomas] Lawrence    [12 Jun 1823]    Item   
LAW/4/116    Aberdeen, Arg. House, to [Thomas] Lawrence    [12 Apr 1823]    Item   
LAW/4/112    Aberdeen, Argyll House, to [Thomas] Lawrence    [5 Apr] 1823    Item   
LAW/4/111    P. Kemble, Lausanne, to Sir Thomas Lawrence, President of the Royal Academy, Russell Square, London    24 Mar 1823    Item   
LAW/4/106    Aberdeen, Arg. House, to [Thomas Lawrence]    23 Mar [1823]    Item   
LAW/4/105    Aberdeen, Argyll House, to Lawrence    21 Mar [1823]    Item   
LAW/4/101    Aberdeen, Argyll House, to [Thomas Lawrence]    9 Mar [1823]    Item   
LAW/4/229    George Harrison, Treasury Chambers, to Sir Thos. Lawrence    2 Jul 1824    Item   
LAW/4/241    Aberdeen, Malvern, to [Thomas] Lawrence    25 Aug 1824    Item   
LAW/4/263    Aberdeen, Brighton, to [Thomas] Lawrence    12 Nov 1824    Item   
LAW/4/272    Aberdeen, Brighton, to [Thomas] Lawrence    21 Nov 1824    Item   
LAW/4/279    Leopoldo Cicognara, Venice, to [Thomas Lawrence]    19 Dec 1824    Item   
LAW/4/306    Aberdeen, Nice, to Sir Thomas Lawrence, Russell Square    7 Mar 1825    Item   
LAW/4/307    Bedford, Paris, to Sir Thomas    13 Mar [1825]    Item   
LAW/3/146    Abercorn, to Lawrence    [c.1818]    Item   
LAW/3/125    Aberdeen, Argyle House, to Lawrence    3 May [1820]    Item   
LAW/1/286    Aberdeen, Mirables, to [Thomas Lawrence]    7 Oct 1811    Item   
LAW/1/228    Aberdeen, Haddo, to Thos. Lawrence, Greek Street, Soho London    23 Dec 1809    Item   
GAR/3/11    Lord Aberdeen, Foreign Office, to Anne Bloxam    1 Feb 1830    Item