John Henry Amshewitz

Born: 1882
Died: 1942
Painter. RA student, 1905-07.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 21
SP/17/1    J.H.A., 80 Warwick Gardens, to Spielmann    3 Nov 1934    Item   
SP/15/33    [copy] Spielmann, to Amshewitz    17 Aug 1933    Item   
SP/15/32    [copy] Spielmann, to Miss McAllister    17 Aug 1933    Item   
SP/15/31    J[ohn] H[enry] A[mshewitz], Trevose, Swanage, Dorset, to Spielmann    15 Aug 1933    Item   
SP/15/30    [copy] Spielmann, to Amshewitz    14 Aug 1933    Item   
SP/15/29    [copy] Spielmann, to John Henry Amshewitz    9 Aug 1933    Item   
SP/14/10    [copy] Spielmann, to Devey    5 Jul 1932    Item   
SP/13/77    [copy] Spielmann, to Amshewitz    31 Mar 1933    Item   
SP/8/222    [incomplete] [I.G. McAllister, to [Spielmann]    [c.1940]    Item   
SP/8/220    M.H. Spielmann, Uplands, Folkestone, to Miss McAllister    19 Apr 1939    Item   
SP/8/217    [copy] Spielmann, to Miss McAllister    7 Oct 1937    Item   
SP/8/185a    [draft] Mabel H. Spielmann, Uplands, Folkestone, to Miss McAllister    27 Apr 1936    Item   
SP/8/141-142    I.G. McAllister, to Spielmann    29 Oct 1933    Item   
SP/8/135    [copy] Spielmann, to Miss. McAllister    14 Aug 1933    Item   
SP/8/134    Postcard from I.G.M., to Spielmann    31 Aug 1933    Item   
SP/8/128    [copy] Spielmann, to Miss McAlliser    31 Mar 1933    Item   
SP/8/100    [copy] Spielmann, to Miss McAllister    5 Jul 1932    Item   
SP/6/27    [copy] J.H. Amshewitz, to Spielmann    2 Aug 1933    Item   
SP/6/26    [Spielmann], to Frank L. Emanuel    17 Jul 1933    Item   
SP/6/25    [Spielmann], to the Hon. Sec., lecture committee, Royal Academy    11 Jul 1933    Item   
SP/6/23    Walter Lamb, Royal Academy of Arts, to John H. Amshewitz    22 Apr 1915    Item