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Royal Academy of Arts Exhibition Catalogues 1870 to 1939

In 1870 the Royal Academy began a programme of loan exhibitions of works by the Old Masters and recently deceased British artists.

Un-illustrated catalogues were published to accompany each exhibition, listing the catalogue number, title, materials and techniques, artist and lender of each exhibited work.

The catalogues for the exhibitions from 1870 to 1939 have been digitised and are available to browse or search online.


Use this search-screen to search through the full-text of the catalogues. You can search by artist name, lender's name, title of work, date - or any combination of these. For instance:


Reynolds or Turner

Constable and landscape

Earl of Suffolk

Warwick Castle

Once you have carried out your search you will be take to a page indicating which catalogues contained your search terms. Clicking on a link to one of the catalogues will take you to the page in the catalogue on which your search terms are found.


If you want to browse through one of the catalogues, click on the Exhibition Catalogues link in the grey Header of this page. You will see a thumbnail image of the title page of each of the catalogues. Click on the thumbnail of the catalogue you want to browse. This will bring up a full screen image of the title page. Use the Previous and Next options to browse through the catalogue.

Once you have selected a catalogue, you can still carry out a search into it via the Search into catalogue box on the browse screen.

A selection of thumb-nail images of works from each exhibition are displayed alongside the digitised pages of the catalogue. If a work is from the Royal Academy Collection, clicking on the thumbnail will display a larger image and further information about the work. Clicking on thumbnail images of works that are not in the RA collection will take you to the web page giving further information about the work on the website of the institution that now owns it.