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Searcing the Archives

The Royal Academy possesses many individual archives; some created by individual artists, others generated by cultural institutions. You can search an individual Archive by selecting one of the titles on the drop-down menu to the left. The list records the general title of the archive, together with the dates covered by its contents.

The Name box is not a free-text search but is connected to a biographical database. Any recorded references to your person in the Archives can be found by typing in their full name here.

By using the All fields box you can run a free-text search of the entire Archives database.

Reference Code searches are useful when you are checking a citation or already know the material you want to see.

In the Date box it is possible to search for a specific date (dd/mm/yyyy), or to find material within a specified date range, be it from year to year (yyyy-yyyy), or within any particular month (mm/yyyy).

For more help with searching the RA Collections, please visit the Searching the Collections page.