Bryan Kneale, R.A.

Preferred Media: Sculpture
Born: 19 June 1930 in Douglas, Isle of Man, United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Royal Academy student from: 18 March 1948 to: 31 March 1953
Category of Membership: Sculptor
Elected A.R.A: 23 Apr 1970
Elected R.A: 12 Feb 1974
Elected Senior R.A: 01 Oct 2005
Teaching Post: Master of the Sculpture School 1982-1985
Professor of Sculpture 1985-1989
He was elected Professor of Sculpture at General Assembly on 21 May 1985, to start from the beginning of term and thereby ending his Mastership of the Sculpture School.
Works of Art: 3
Books: 0
Archives: 3
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Bryan Kneale

Bryan Kneale
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Bryan Kneale R.A.   
Bryan Kneale R.A.
May 2000
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RAA/LIB/12/1    Library visitors book    1938-1959    Item   
RAA/EXH/2/29    Bryan Kneale suggestions for exhibitions of work by William Scott, Kyffin Williams, James Fitton, Philip Sutton and Michael Sandle    1983-85    Sub-series   
RAA/KEE/13    Henry Rushbury RA, papers    1914-1961    Series