Artists' General Benevolent Institution

Burlington House, Piccadilly

Founded in 1814 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1842 to provide support for artists and their families who found themselves in severe difficulty.

The charity continues to operate, in accommodation provided by the Royal Academy of Arts. Members of the Academy are co-opted to service on the charity.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 6
CL/1/71    Charles A. Jackson, Art Dealer, 7 Police Street, Manchester, to Clausen    5 Dec 1921    Item   
CL/1/14    Fredrk. Brown, Ormond House, Richmond, Surrey, to George [Clausen]    6 Feb 1940    Item   
GAR/1/175    F.C. Lewis, to Anne Bloxam    [May] 1831    Item   
WWO/1    W. W. Ouless, 12 Bryanston Square, W, to Wirgman    20 May 1884    Item   
236/43/3    W.P. Frith, London, to T. Miller    28 Mar 1852    Item   
236/43/2    W.P. Frith, London, to T. Miller    21 Mar 1852    Item