British Institution

Formed in 1805 to 'open a public exhibition for the sale of the productions of British artists, to excite the emulation and exertions of younger artists by premiums, and to endeavour to form a public gallery of the works of British artists, with a few select specimens of each of the great schools.'

The British Institution held two exhibitions each year, one of the old masters the other of contemporary art. The institution was driven more by the values of connoisseurship than those of artistic practice. The organisation ceased in 1870 and their old master exhibitions were adopted by the Royal Academy. The remaining capital of the Institution went to the formation of a fund for the ward of "British Institution Scholarships", these continue.
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Catalogue of portraits of illustrious characters in the reign of Queen Elizabeth painted in enamel by the late Henry Bone Esq. R.A., Enamel Painter to their Majesties George III, George IV., and William IV, and to his late Royal Highness the Duke of York ; after pictures in the collections of His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury ... [et al.].   - London 1835   
Britton, John   The fine arts of the English school; illustrated by a series of engravings, from paintings, sculpture, and architecture, of eminent English artists: with ample biographical, critical, and descriptive essays, by various authors; edited and partly written by John Britton, F.S.A. - London 1812   
Hoare, Prince   Academic annals of painting sculpture & architecture ; published by authority of the Royal Academy of Arts, 1805-6, 1807, 1808-9 ; collected and arranged by Prince Hoare, Secretary for Foreign Correspondence to The Royal Academy - London 1809   
Carey, William   Desultory Exposition Of An Anti-British System Of Incendiary Publication, &c. Intended To Sacrifice The Honor And Interests Of The British Institution, The Royal Academy, And the whole Body of the British Artists And Their Patrons, To The Passions, Quackeries, and Falsehoods Of Certain Disappointed Candidates For Prizes at the British Gallery and Admission as Associates into the Royal Academy. - Respectfully addressed to the British Institution, The Artists, and Amateurs of the United Kingdom, By William Carey. - - London: 1819.   
British Institution   British Institution For Promoting The Fine Arts In The United Kingdom. Founded, June 4, 1805, Opened, January 18, 1806. - The King's Most Excellent Majesty, Patron. His Royal Highness The Prince Regent, Vice-Patron And President. The Most Noble The Marquis Of Stafford, Deputy President. - - London: 1815. Price One Shilling.   
A Catalogue Raisonée Of the Pictures now Exhibiting At The British Institution, Printed with a sincere desire to assist the Noble Directors in turning the Public Attention to those particular Pieces which they have kindly selected ...   - [London?: 1815.]   
Smith, Thomas   Recollections Of The British Institution, For Promoting The Fine Arts in The United Kingdom: With Some Account Of The Means Employed For That Purpose; And Biographical Notices of the Artists who have received Premiums, &c. 1805 - 1859. By Thomas Smith, Author Of An Historical And Topographical Account Of The Parish Of St.-Mary-Le-Bone; Hand-Book To Harrow-On-The-Hill; Etc. [Epigraph] - London: [1860]   
Engravings Of The Most Noble The Marquis Of Stafford's Collection Of Pictures, In London, Arranged According To Schools, And In Chronological Order, With Remarks On Each Picture. By William Young Ottley, Esq. F.S.A. The Executive Part Under The Management Of Peltro William Tomkins, Esq. Historical Engraver To Her Majesty. - Vol. I. (- IV.) -   - London: 1818.   
Carey, William   A Descriptive Catalogue Of A Collection Of Paintings By British Artists, In The Possession Of Sir John Fleming Leicester, Bart. By William Carey, Esq.; With Occasional Remarks, &c.By Sir Richard Colt Hoare, Bart. [Epigraph] - London: 1819.   
Hoare, Prince   An Inquiry Into The Requisite Cultivation And Present State Of The Arts Of Design In England. By Prince Hoare. - London: 1806. [Price 7s. in Boards.]   
Shee, Martin Archer, P.R.A.   Outlines Of A Plan For The Encouragement Of Historical Painting In The United Kingdam. Originally Addressed In 1809 To The Directors Of The British Institution, And Now Respectfully Submitted To The Consideration Of Lord John Russell, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary Of State For The Home Department, By Sir Martin Archer Shee, President Of The Royal Academy, F.R.S. - London: [1837]   
Bryan, Michael   A Biographical And Critical Dictionary Of Painters And Engravers, From The Revival Of Art Under Cimabue, And The Alledged Discovery Of Engraving By Finiguerra, To The Present Time: With The Ciphers, Monograms, And Marks, Used By Each Engraver; And An Ample List Of Their Principal Works. Together With Two Indexes, Alphabetical And Chronological. To Which Is Prefixed, An Introduction, Containing A Brief Account of the Painters of Antiquity. By Michael Bryan. In Two Volumes. Vol. I. (II.) - London: 1816.   
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