Dominic Charles Colnaghi

Born: 1790
Died: 1879
Art dealer in London. Son of print-seller Paul Colnaghi (1751-1833).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 5
Archives: 2
Notices Of The Life And Works Of Titian.   - London: 1829.   
Lewis's Illustrations of Constantinople made during a Residence in that City &c. in the Years 1835-6. Arranged and drawn on Stone from the original Sketches of Coke Smyth By John F. Lewis.   - London [1838]   
Subjects by Edwin Landseer. Etched by John Landseer, Thomas Landseer, and Edwin Landseer   - [London:] Nov. 8th. 1852. Publishers to her Majesty.   
Ottley, William Young   A Series Of Plates, Engraved After The Paintings And Sculptures Of The Most Eminent Masters Of The Early Florentine School; Intended To Illustrate The History Of The Restoration Of The Arts Of Design In Italy; And Dedicated To John Flaxman, Esq. R.A. Professor Of Sculpture To The Royal Academy, (In Token Of High Respect For His Genius,) By William Young Ottley, F.A.S. Author Of "An Inquiry Into The Origin And Early History Of Engraving;" "The Italian School Of Design," &c. - London: 1826.   
Delessert, Benjamin   Notice Sur La Vie De Marc Antoine Raimondi Graveur Bolonais Accompagnée De Reproductions Photographiques De Quelques unes de ses Estampes Par M. Benjamin Delessert. - Paris, Londres 1853. (-1855.)   
AND/26/361    Paul & Dominic Colnaghi to the Royal Academy    17 Aug 1850    Item   
JU/12/207    C Stanfield, to Dom[inic Colnaghi]    [1833]    Item