Charles Bestland

Born: 1763
Died: ca. 1837
Painter, printmaker, draughtsman and dealer. Possibly miniature painter as well: artist of the name C. Bestland exhibioted miniatures at the Royal Academy 1783-1837 and at the British Institution 1806-1836.
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The Royal Academicians in General...
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The British Gallery Of Contemporary Portraits, Being A Series Of Engravings Of The More Eminent Persons Now Living Or Lately Deceased In Great Britain and Ireland: From Drawings Accurately Made From Life, Or From The Most Approved Original Pictures. Accompanied By Short Biographical Notices. Vol. I. (II.)   - London: 1813.(-1822.)   
AND/5/146    Pages 15 and 16 of the 1783 Academy catalogue    1783    Item