William Blackwood

Born: 1776
Died: 1834
Publisher in Edinburgh.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 3
Archives: 0
Bell, John   Observations On Italy. By The Late John Bell, Fellow Of The Royal College Of Surgeons, Edinburgh, &c. - Edinburgh:, London. [1825]   
Galt, John   The Life, Studies, And Works Of Benjamin West, Esq. President Of The Royal Academy Of London, Composed From Materials Furnished By Himself, By John Galt, Esq. Author Of The Life And Administration Of Cardinal Wolsey, &c. - London: 1820.   
Roscoe, William   Illustrations, Historical And Critical, Of The Life Of Lorenzo De' Medici, called The Magnificent; With An Appendix Of Original And Other Documents. By William Roscoe. - London: 1822.