Cox and Wyman (London)

In 1840 Charles William Henry Wyman (1804?-1878) took control of the office of Messrs. Cox & Sons, the famous Oriental printers. Its chief, John Lewis Cox soon retired in favour of his sons John and Henry Cox who entered into partnership with Wyman. The style of the firm was then altered to Cox (Bros.) and Wyman. After the death of Henry and the retirement of John Cox in 1858 the style of the firm became Cox & Wyman and then Wyman & Sons after Mr Wyman acquired sole possession of the business. In 1866 Charles William Henry Wyman retired in favour of his eldest son, also called Charles William Henry and his youngest surviving son, Edward F. He died on 27 February 1878 aged 74.
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Falkener, Edward   On The Hypæthron Of Greek Temples; A Paper Read Before The Archæological Society Of Berlin. Together With Some Observations In Reply To The Reviewers Of "Dædalus." By Edward Falkener. - London: 1861.   
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