Henry Bromley

Born: 1750
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Bromley, Henry   A Catalogue Of Engraved British Portraits, From Egbert the Great to the Present Time. Consisting Of The Effigies Of Persons In Every Walk Of Human Life; As Well Those Whose Services To Their Country Are Recorded In The Annals Of The English History, As Others Whose Eccentricity Of Character Rendered Them Conspicuous In Their Day. With An Appendix, Containing The Portraits Of Such Foreigners As Either By Alliance With The Royal Families Of, Or Residence As Visitors In This Kingdom, Or By Deriving From It Some Title Of Distinction, May Claim A Place In The British Series Methodically disposed in Classes, and interspersed with a number of Notices Biographical and Genealogical, never before published. By Henry Bromley. - London: [1793]