Richard Dalton

Born: ca. 1715 in Whitehaven, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom
Died: 07 Feb 1791
Nationality: British
Works of Art: 1
Books: 3
Archives: 8
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Christ with the two Disciples...   
Christ with the two Disciples...
21 February 1753
Richard Dalton

[Musaeum Graecum Et Aegyptiacum, Or, Antiquities of Greece and Egypt, Illustrated by Prints, from Mr. Dalton's Drawings.]   - [London:] (1752.)   
Remarks On XII Historical Designs Of Raphael, And The Musæum Græcum Et Ægyptiacum, Or, Antiquities of Greece and Egypt, Illustrated by Prints, Intended to be published from Mr. Dalton's Drawings. In Answer to A Letter of Inquiry concerning Those Works.   - London: [1752]   
Gwynn, John, R.A.   London and Westminster Improved, Illustrated by Plans. To which is prefixed, A Discourse on Publick Magnificence; With Observations on the State of Arts and Artists in this Kingdom, wherein the study of the Polite Arts is recommended as necessary to a liberal Education: Concluded by Some Proposals relative to Places not laid down in the Plans. By John Gwynn. - London: [1766]   
HU/1/139    [draft] [Ozias Humphry], to [un-named woman]    [1770]    Item   
SA/45/4    Remarks [by the Secretary ?]    c. Oct 1767    Item   
SA/34/16    Richard Dalton, to the President and Directors    04 Mar 1768    Item   
SA/34/13    Richard Dalton, St James [to F. M. Newton]    10 Mar 1768    Item   
SA/33/12    Receipt of Richard Dalton    12 Apr 1768    Item   
SA/26/4    Receipt for attendance at the exhibition    01 Jun 1763    Item   
SA/29/3    Michael Rysbrack, Vere Street, Oxford Chapel, to Francis Milner Newton    11 Mar 1765    Item   
SA    Incorporated Society of Artists of Great Britain, papers    1759-1807    Fonds