Luke Hansard

Born: 1752
Died: 1828
Printer in London. Printer to the House of Commons.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 3
Archives: 0
Edwards, Edward, A.R.A.   Anecdotes Of Painters Who Have Resided Or Been Born In England; With Critical Remarks On Their Productions; By Edward Edwards, deceased, late Teacher Of Perspective, And Associate, In The Royal Academy; Intended As A Continuation To The Anecdotes Of Painting By The Late Horace Earl Of Orford. - London: 1808.   
Mitford, William   The History Of Greece. By William Mitford, Esq. The First Volume. (- Fifth Volume.) - London: 1808. (-1818.)   
Fuseli, Henry, R.A.   Lectures On Painting, Delivered At The Royal Academy March 1801, By Henry Fuseli, P.P. With Additional Observations And Notes. - London: 1801.