William Richard Hamilton

Born: 1777
Died: 11 July 1859
Diplomat. From 1799 to 1803 he served in Lord Elgin's embassy to Constantinople, during which period he took custody of the Rosetta Stone and the Parthenon marbles. In 1815 he arranged that the second Treaty of Paris provided for the restoration to Italian states of works removed by Napoleon. In 1833 he became a founder of the Royal Geographical Society. From 1838 to 1858 he was a trustee of the British Museum.
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Books: 3
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A Postscript To A Memoir Of The Life And Works Of William Wyon, Esq., A.R.A., Chief Engraver Of The Royal Mint. - [Epigraph]   - (London: 1837.   
Memorandum On The Subject Of The Earl Of Elgin's Pursuits In Greece. - Second Edition, Corrected.   - London: 1815.   
Cockerell, C.R., R.A.   The Temples Of Jupiter Panhellenius At Ægina, And Of Apollo Epicurius At Bassæ Near Phigaleia In Arcadia. By C.R. Cockerell, Professor Of Architecture In The Royal Academy, Member Of The Institute Of British Architects, London; Honorary Doctor Of Civil Law, Oxford; Member Of The Dilettanti Society; Associated Member Of The Institute Of France, And Chevalier Of The Legion Of Honour; Member Of The Academy Of St. Luke In Rome; Foreign Member Of The Academies Of Munich, Copenhagen, Geneva, Etc., Etc., Etc. To Which Is Added A Memoir Of The Systems Of Proportion Employed In The Original Design Of These Structures. By William Watkiss Lloyd. - London: 1860.