Michael Hanhart

Born: fl. 1839-1851
Lithographic printer. Partner of Nicholas Hanhart.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 8
Archives: 0
Bean, Richard Lewis   Anatomy For The Use Of Artists. By Richard Lewis Bean, Late House-Surgeon At King's College And Charing-Cross Hospitals. - Illustrated By Several Plates. - - London: [1841]   
Bray, Anna Eliza   Life Of Thomas Stothard, R.A. With Personal Reminiscences By Mrs. Bray, Author of "The Borders of the Tamar and the Tavy," "Memoirs of Charles A. Stothard, F.S.A.," "Trelawny," "Trials of the Heart," &c. &c. With Numerous Illustrations From His Works. - London: 1851.   
Brandling, Henry Charles   Views In The North Of France. By Henry Charles Brandling Esq. - - London: 1848. -   
Sir Augustus Wall Callcott's Italian & English Landscapes. Lithographed by T.C. Dibdin.   - London 1847.   
Warrington, William   The History of Stained Glass, From The Earliest Period Of The Art To The Present Time, Illustrated By Coloured Examples Of Entire Windows In The Various Styles. - By William Warrington. - - London: [1848]   
Ruskin, John   Examples Of The Architecture Of Venice Selected and drawn to Measurement from the Edifices. By John Ruskin, Author Of "The Stones Of Venice," "The Seven Lamps Of Architecture," "Modern Painters," Etc. - Orpington, Kent. [1887]   
Illustrations Of The Rock-Cut Temples Of India: Selected From The Best Examples Of The Different Series Of Caves At Ellora, Ajunta, Cuttack, Salsette, Karli, And Mahavellipore. Drawn On Stone By Mr. T.C. Dibdin, From Sketches Carefully Made On The Spot, With The Assistance Of The Camera-Lucida, In The Years 1838-9, By James Fergusson, Esq.   - London: [1845]   
Leslie, Charles Robert, R.A.   Memoirs Of The Life Of John Constable, Esq. R.A. Composed Chiefly Of His Letters. By C. R. Leslie, R.A. Second Edition. - London: 1845.