Thomas Frank Heaphy

Born: 1813
Died: 1873
Painter, writer on Christian art, in London. Exhibited at the Royal Academy (from 1831), the British Institution and the Society of British Artists (from 1867). Son of Thomas Heaphy (1775-1835); brother of Charles Heaphy (ca.1820-81).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 1
Archives: 2
Heaphy, Thomas Frank   The Likeness Of Christ: Being An Inquiry Into The Verisimilitude Of The Received Likeness Of Our Blessed Lord. By The Late Thomas Heaphy. Edited By Wyke Bayliss, F.S.A. - London: 1880.   
AND/26/347    Thomas Heaphy, 5 Bulstrode St., to the Porters of the Royal Academy    31 Jul 1850    Item   
AND/26/346    Newspaper cutting from iThe Times/i    [Oct 1852]    Item