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Portrait of Thomas Bewick   
Portrait of Thomas Bewick

Suetonius   The Lives Of The First Twelve Cæsars, Translated From The Latin Of C. Suetonius Tranquillus: With Annotations, And A Review Of The Government And Literature Of The Different Periods. By Alexander Thomson, M.D. - London; [1796]   
Mengs, Anton Raphael   The Works Of Anthony Raphael Mengs First Painter to his Catholic Majesty Charles III. Translated from the Italian Published by the Chevr. Don Joseph Nicholas D'Azara Spanish Minister at Rome. Vol. I. (II.) - London 1796.   
Cumberland, George   Some Anecdotes Of The Life Of Julio Bonasoni, A Bolognese Artist, Who Followed The Styles Of The Best Schools In The Sixteenth Century. Accompanied By A Catalogue Of The Engravings, With Their Measures, Of The Works Of That Tasteful Composer. And Remarks On The General Character Of His Rare And Exquisite Performances. To Which Is Prefixed, A Plan For The Improvement Of The Arts In England. By George Cumberland. - London [1793]   
A Schizzo On The Genius Of Man: In Which, Among Various Subjects, The Merit Of Mr. Thomas Barker, The Celebrated Young Painter Of Bath, Is Particularly Considered, And His Pictures Reviewed. By The Author Of An Excursion From Paris To Fontainbleau For the Benefit of the Bath Casualty Hospital.   - Bath 1793.