Herbert Henry Asquith, Earl of Oxford and Asquith

Born: 12 Sep 1852 in Croft House, Morley, Yorkshire
Died: 15 Feb 1928
Prime Minister (1908-16)
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 5
RI/1/132    W.B. Richmond, Beavor, to Ernest Richmond    12 Dec 1918    Item   
RI/1/121    W.B. Richmond, B.L., "in my little library", to Ernest Richmond    1 Apr 1917    Item   
SP/7/95    Alfred Gilbert, 62 Rue Pré aux Moulins, to Spielmann    20 Sep 1924    Item   
EJP/13    [Edward J. Poynter], 70 Addison Road, Kensington, to Asquith    10 Jan 1912    Item   
RAA/SEC/17/11    Papers relating to the proposed closure of the Department for the Supply of Casts    1915-1934    File