John Brindley

Born: before 1705
Died: 1758
Bookbinder, bookseller, publisher, in London. Addresses: Tower-Ditch, Little Britain (1727); Hospital Ga., Little Britain; 29 / King's Arms, New Bond St. Plomer gives his fore-name as James.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 4
Archives: 0
Wood, John, the elder   The Origin Of Building: Or, The Plagiarism Of The Heathens Detected, In Five Books. By John Wood, Architect. - Bath: [1741]   
The Procession and Ceremonies Observed at the Time of the Installation Of The Knights Companions Of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath: Upon Thursday June, 17, 1725. With the Arms, Names Titles, &c. of the Knights Companions, and of their Esquires, As they are fix'd up in Henry VIIth's Chapel in Westminster Abbey. By John Pine, Engraver. N.B. The Portraits of most of the Knights Companions and Officers of the Order are done from Original Pictures painted for the Purpose.   - London: [1730]   
Lairesse, Gerard de   The Art of Painting, In All its Branches, Methodically demonstrated by Discourses and Plates And exemplified by Remarks On The Paintings of the best Masters; and their Perfections and Oversights laid open By Gerard De Lairesse. Translated by John Frederick Fritsch, Painter. - London: [1738]   
An Essay On Design: Including Proposals for Erecting a Public Academy To be Supported by Voluntary Subscriptions (Till a Royal Foundation can be obtain'd) For Educating the British Youth In Drawing, And the several Arts depending thereon . [Epigraph from Horace]   - London [1749]