Josiah Boydell

Born: 1752
Died: 1817
Engraver, painter, publisher, in London. Nephew of engraver and printseller John Boydell (1720-1804); brother of Mrs. Mary Nicol (1747-1820). RA student from 21st August 1769.
Works of Art: 2
Books: 13
Archives: 9
Works associated with

Saul and the Witch of...   
Saul and the Witch of...
Benjamin West

King Lear: Act III Scene...   
King Lear: Act III Scene...
25 March 1793
Benjamin West

Select Views In Great Britain, Engrav'd by S. Middiman, From Pictures and Drawings by the most eminent Artists. With Descriptions. -   - London (1784-1813)   
State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg)   Galerie de L'Hermitage Gravée au trait d'après les plus beaux Tableaux qui la composent. Avec la description Historique Par Camille De Genève. Ouvrage approuvé par S.M.I. Alexandre Ier. et publiée par F.X. Labensky. Tome Ier (II) avec permission de la Censure. - à St. Petersbourg, et à Londres [1805]   
A Catalogue Of The Pictures, &c. In The Shakspeare Gallery, Pall-Mall.   - London: [1792]   
A Set Of Prints Engraved after the most capital Paintings In the Collection of Her Imperial Majesty, The Empress of Russia Lately in the Possession of the Earl Of Orford At Houghton in Norfolk; With Plans, Elevations, Sections, Chimney Pieces & Ceilings. Vol: I (II)   - London [1788]   
Liber Veritatis; Or A Collection Of Prints, After The Original Designs Of Claude Lorrain; In The Collection Of His Grace The Duke Of Devonshire. Executed By Richard Earlom, In The Manner And Taste Of The Drawings. To Which Is Added A Descriptive Catalogue Of Each Print; Together With The Names Of Those For Whom, And The Places For Which, The Original Pictures Were First Painted. (Taken from the Hand-writing of Claude Le Lorrain on the Back of each Drawing) And Of The Present Possessors Of Many Of The Original Pictures. Volume The First. (- Third.)   - London: (1777-)1819.   
J. and J. Boydell (London)   An Alphabetical Catalogue Of Plates, Engraved By The Most Esteemed Artists, After The Finest Pictures And Drawings Of The Italian, Flemish, German, French, English, And Other Schools, Which Compose The Stock Of John And Josiah Boydell, Engravers And Printsellers, No. 90, Cheapside, And At The Shakspeare Gallery, Pall Mall; Preceded By An Account Of Various Works, Sets Of Prints, Galleries, &c. Forming Part Of The Same Stock. - London: 1803.   
Ireland, John   A Supplement To Hogarth Illustrated; Compiled From His Original manuscripts, In The Possession Of John Ireland, Author Of The Two Volumes Published By Messrs. Boydell. - London: Published, March, 1798.   
Ireland, John   Hogarth Illustrated. By John Ireland. Vol. I. (-II.) - (London) Pub: June I. 1791   
Baillie, William   The Works Of Captain William Baillie After paintings And Drawings By The Greatest Masters. - London: (after 1787).   
The West Window Of The Chapel, New College, Oxford. After Pictures Painted By Sir Joshua Reynolds, And Executed On Glass By Mr. Jervaise. Engraved By S.G. and J.G. Facius.   - London. [1785]   
Shakespeare, William   The Dramatic Works Of William Shakspeare Revised By George Steevens. Vol. I. (- IX.) - London: - [1802]   
A Collection Of Prints, From Pictures Painted For The Purpose Of Illustrating The Dramatic Works Of Shakspeare, By The Artists Of Great-Britain. Volume I. (II.)   - London [1803]   
Rogers, Charles, F.S.A.   A Collection Of Prints In Imitation Of Drawings. To Which are Annexed Lives Of Their Authors With Explanatory And Critical Notes By Charles Rogers Esq. F.R.S. And S.A.L. Tome I. (II.) - London: [1778]   
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