Antoine Cardon

Born: 1772
Died: 1813
Artist, engraver (especially of stipples), and print publisher. Entered Royal Academy schools in November 1792; active in London 1792-1813. Son of painter and engraver Antoine Alexandre Joseph Cardon (1739-1822).
Works of Art: 1
Books: 7
Archives: 0
Works associated with

Edward Edwards

Edwards, Edward, A.R.A.   Anecdotes Of Painters Who Have Resided Or Been Born In England; With Critical Remarks On Their Productions; By Edward Edwards, deceased, late Teacher Of Perspective, And Associate, In The Royal Academy; Intended As A Continuation To The Anecdotes Of Painting By The Late Horace Earl Of Orford. - London: 1808.   
Christie, James, the younger   Disquisitions Upon The Greek Vases, And Their Probable Connection With The Shows Of The Eleusinian And Other Mysteries. By James Christie, A Member Of The Society Of Dilettanti. - London: 1825.   
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The British Gallery Of Contemporary Portraits, Being A Series Of Engravings Of The More Eminent Persons Now Living Or Lately Deceased In Great Britain and Ireland: From Drawings Accurately Made From Life, Or From The Most Approved Original Pictures. Accompanied By Short Biographical Notices. Vol. I. (II.)   - London: 1813.(-1822.)   
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Avanzi Delle Antichita Esistenti A Pozzuoli Cuma E Baja. Antiquitatum Puteolis Cumis Baiis Existentium Reliquiae.   - [Napoli: [1768]