Louis Chéron

Born: 1660
Died: ca. 1725
Painter, illustrator.
Works of Art: 1
Books: 3
Archives: 0
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Louis Chéron

Pliny, the Elder   Histoire De La Peinture Ancienne, Extraite De L'Histoire Naturelle De Pline, Liv. XXXV. Avec le Texte Latin, corrigé sur les Mss. de Vossius & sur le I. Ed. de Venise, & éclairci par des Remarques nouvelles. - [Epigraph] - - A Londres [1725]   
Breval, John   Remarks On several Parts of Europe: Relating chiefly to the History, Antiquities and Geography Of Those Countries Through which the Author has travel'd; As France, the Low Countries, Lorrain, Alsatia, Germany, Savoy, Tyrol, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Illustrated with Several Maps, Plans, and above Forty Copper Plates. Vol. I. (II.) By J. Breval, Esq; late Fellow of Trinity College in Cambridge. ... - London: 1726.   
Fontana, Carlo   L'Anfiteatro Flavio Descritto E Delineato Dal Cavaliere Carlo Fontana. - Nell' Haia [1725]