John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford

Born: 6 Jul 1766
Died: 20 Oct 1839
Estate-owner; collector, and commissioner of works of art. Succeeded his brother in the dukedom in 1802.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 6
Archives: 22
The Scenery Of The Rivers Tamar And Tavy, In Forty-Seven Subjects, Exhibiting The Most Interesting Views On Their Banks, From the Source to the Termination of each; Including A View Of The Breakwater At Plymouth: Drawn And Engraved By F.C. Lewis. - [Epigraph] -   - London: 1823.   
Twelve Original Etchings By George Hayter, Historical & Portrait Painter To His Majesty The King Of Belgium, And Member Of The Academies Of Rome, Florence, Bologna, Parma, And Venice. Respectfully Dedicated To His Grace The Duke of Bedford, K.G. &c. &c. &c. By His Grace's Most Devoted And Grateful Servant, George Hayter.   - [London] Feb. 1833.]   
Robinson, Peter Frederick   Vitruvius Britannicus. - History Of Woburn Abbey: Illustrated By Plans, Elevations, And Internal Views Of The Apartments, From Actual Measurement. - By P.F. Robinson, Architect, F.S.A. And F.G.S. - - London: [1833]   
A Descriptive Catalogue Of The Portraits In The Collection Of John, Duke Of Bedford, K.G. At Woburn Abbey. [Epigraph]   - London: [1834]   
Inwood, Henry William   The · Erechtheion · At · Athens · Fragments Of Athenian Architecture And A Few Remains Of Attica Megara And Epirus Illustrated With Outline Plates And A Descriptive Historical View Combining Also Under The Divisions Cadmeia Homeros And Herodotos The Origin Of Temples And Of Grecian Art Of The Periods Preceding By Henry William Inwood F.S.A. Joint Architect To St. Pancras Church Camden And Regent Square Chapels - London [1827]   
Outline Engravings And Descriptions Of The Woburn Abbey Marbles   - [S.l.: [1822]   
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