William John Bankes

Born: 11 Dec 1786
Died: 15 Apr 1855
Collector, traveller and antiquary; commissioned architect Charles Barry to remodel Kingston Lacy, Dorset. From 1841 he lived in Venice. Son of collector Henry Bankes (1757-1834).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 1
Archives: 1
Inwood, Henry William   The · Erechtheion · At · Athens · Fragments Of Athenian Architecture And A Few Remains Of Attica Megara And Epirus Illustrated With Outline Plates And A Descriptive Historical View Combining Also Under The Divisions Cadmeia Homeros And Herodotos The Origin Of Temples And Of Grecian Art Of The Periods Preceding By Henry William Inwood F.S.A. Joint Architect To St. Pancras Church Camden And Regent Square Chapels - London [1827]   
LAW/5/465    Wm. Jhn. Bankes, Kingston Hale, to [Keightley]    16 Jan 1830    Item