James Carpenter

Born: 1768
Died: 1852
Bookseller, book-binder and publisher, in London, 1799-1850. Address: Old Bond St. Traded as James and Thomas Carpenter; Carpenter and Son; Carpenter and Company. Father of bookseller and museum curator William Hookham Carpenter (1792-1866).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 9
Archives: 0
Reynolds, Joshua, P.R.A.   The Discourses Of Sir Joshua Reynolds; Illustrated By Explanatory Notes & Plates By John Burnet, F.R.S. - London. 1842.   
Leslie, Charles Robert, R.A.   Memoirs Of The Life Of John Constable, Esq. R.A. Composed Chiefly Of His Letters. By C.R. Leslie, R.A. - [Epigraph] - - London: 1843.   
Carpenter, William Hookham   Pictorial Notices: Consisting Of A Memoir of Sir Anthony Van Dyck, With A Descriptive Catalogue Of The Etchings Executed By Him: And A Variety Of Interesting Particulars Relating To Other Artists Patronized By Charles I. Collected From Original Documents In Her Majesty's State Paper Office, The Office Of Public Records, And Other Sources. - By William Hookham Carpenter. - - London: 1844.   
Robinson, Peter Frederick   Vitruvius Britannicus. - History Of Woburn Abbey: Illustrated By Plans, Elevations, And Internal Views Of The Apartments, From Actual Measurement. - By P.F. Robinson, Architect, F.S.A. And F.G.S. - - London: [1833]   
Shaw, Henry   The History And Antiquities Of The Chapel At Luton Park A Seat Of The Most Honourable The Marquess Of Bute. By H. Shaw. - London. Published Octr. 15. 1829, [i.e. 1830?]   
Inwood, Henry William   The · Erechtheion · At · Athens · Fragments Of Athenian Architecture And A Few Remains Of Attica Megara And Epirus Illustrated With Outline Plates And A Descriptive Historical View Combining Also Under The Divisions Cadmeia Homeros And Herodotos The Origin Of Temples And Of Grecian Art Of The Periods Preceding By Henry William Inwood F.S.A. Joint Architect To St. Pancras Church Camden And Regent Square Chapels - London [1827]   
Collins, William   Memoirs Of A Painter: Being A Genuine Biographical Sketch Of That Celebrated Original And Eccentric Genius, The Late Mr. George Morland. Drawn from the tolerably authentic source of more than twenty years' intimate acquaintance with him, his family, and connections. To Which Is Added, A Copious Appendix, Embracing every interesting subject relative to our justly admired English Painter, and his most valuable works. By William Collins, Author of the Slave Trade, a Poem; an Ode to Sir Jeffery Dunstan, an Heroic Effusion; with several detached Pieces in Prose and Verse; several of which have appeared in most of the public Papers, under various signatures, since the Year 1788, to the present Period. - London: 1805.   
Bryan, Michael   A Biographical And Critical Dictionary Of Painters And Engravers, From The Revival Of Art Under Cimabue, And The Alledged Discovery Of Engraving By Finiguerra, To The Present Time: With The Ciphers, Monograms, And Marks, Used By Each Engraver; And An Ample List Of Their Principal Works. Together With Two Indexes, Alphabetical And Chronological. To Which Is Prefixed, An Introduction, Containing A Brief Account of the Painters of Antiquity. By Michael Bryan. In Two Volumes. Vol. I. (II.) - London: 1816.   
Dayes, Edward   The Works Of The Late Edward Dayes: Containing An Excursion through the Principal Parts Of Derbyshire and Yorkshire, With Illustrative Notes By E.W. Brayley; Essays On Painting; Instructions For Drawing and Coloring Landscape; And Professional Sketches Of Modern Artists. - London: 1805.